Makler Payment & Refund Policy

Payment & Refund clause

  • For all services bought, 100% of the order amount would be towards the activation/administration fees and no refund after made a subscription or service fees, considering the usages of the services. Customer agrees that the no refund process after subscribed or accept services charges.
  • Where Subscription Fees accrues it shall be payable at or within such time as stated in the invoice(s) issued by the Company to the User.
  • The Subscription Fees shall be paid by the User on demand. In case the user disputes the same for any reason whatsoever, he shall make the payment towards the Subscription Fees accrued subject to the decision of the Company on the dispute. In the event of Company’s deciding the dispute in the User’s favour, the Company shall refund to the User any excess amount paid by the User free of interest.
  • Any delay in the payment by the User of any sums due under this Agreement, the Company shall have the right to charge interest on the outstanding amount from the date the payment became due until the date of final payment by the User.
  • Payments made to the Company through payment gateway provided on the website only. Shall not be refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to the termination of this Agreement for whatever reason.


  • Owners Services:┬áThe Owners Service once subscribed shall be non-refundable.
  • If it is brought to the notice of the Company that the User is not the owner of the property, instead is a Builder/Agent, in such an event the listing would be deactivated without any notification and the amount paid shall be forfeited.

Charge Back Policy

  • Payment for the services offered shall be on 100% advance basis.
  • Payment for service once subscribed to by the subscriber, is not refundable and any amount paid shall stand appropriated.
  • Refund if any will be at the sole discretion of the Company only.
  • User acknowledges and agrees that the Company at its sole discretion and without prejudice to other rights and remedies that it may have under the applicable laws, shall be entitled to set off the amount paid by a subscriber/user, against any amount(s) payable by the user to the Company under any other agreement or commercial relationship towards other products/services.
  • The Company offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds reaching the Subscribers card/bank accounts. This is on account of the multiplicity of organizations involved in the processing of online transactions, the problems with Internet infrastructure currently available and working days/holidays of financial institutions.



  • Company shall reserve the exclusive right to cancel any content whatsoever from being published or reflected on its website or in any other mode. The cancellation charges payable to the User shall be at the applicable rates laid down in the cancellation and refund policy.
  • For Platinum listing packages, there shall be no cancellation or refund of orders booked/payments made via online payment options (except in the case of Cheque & Demand Draft). Cancellations requests for orders placed via cheque/demand draft can be made only before such payment is realized by the Company.